The Country of Marriage

I give you what is unbounded, passing from dark to dark,
containing darkness: a night of rain, an early morning.
I give you the life I have let live for the love of you:
a clump of orange-blooming weeds beside the road,
the young orchard waiting in the snow, our own life
that we have planted in the ground, as I have planted mine in you. I give you my love...

Wendell Berry

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm pretty bad at this blogging thing right now... I think that part of it is that I can never remember how to get to this page... and also that I keep waiting until I have some pictures that I can post of life here, but I haven't taken any of the apartment yet, so that will just have to wait.

So, me and Jesse are married now, its pretty fantastic. We have a lot of fun together, I feel very blessed to have married someone so perfect for me, God certainly must have orchestrated it. Jesse is working landscaping, and I- well- I am looking for a job (which means I have been cooking ALOT). I don't know what God has planned for me, but I am trusting Him with my future, He has brought me this far, I have no reason to doubt. So, what have I been doing with all my time? Well, two days ago I locked myself out of my apartment while doing laundry. I went downstairs to check the laundry, closed the door behind me, and did not see the inside of my apartment again for probably two hours. Since I was doing laundry, I was wearing Jesse's flip flops, and did not have my phone with me. Rather than wait seven hours for Jesse to get home, I decided to just walk to Jesse's parents' house (our landlords) and ask them to let me in. This walk is about an hour and half, which wouldn't be a big deal (I love walking) except that I was wearing flip-flops that were too big for me, and therefore gave me blisters fairly quickly. So, I decided to take them off. Which meant that for most of the time, I was walking barefoot on the road. This also proved to be a bad idea, because it then gave me blisters on the bottom of me feet (Ouch!) So eventually, my feet hurt so bad, that by the time I got to Jesse's parents' house, I was crying because of how bad my feet hurt. Then Joe gave me a ride back and let me into the apartment. My feet hurt so bad though, that I did nothing the rest of the day, I kneeled on a chair to do dishes because it hurt so bad to stand!

      So that is one little moment from my time here, another small moment happened this morning. We woke up a little later than normal, so we got up and I went in the kitchen to start rapidly making Jesse's lunch, but when I entered the kitchen, there was this huge moth that started flying around in a somewhat drunken-divebombing manner. Well... of course, it hit me. In case you didn't know... I am afraid of moths... weird I know. So, Jesse walks in the kitchen, and I am standing outside the kitchen, afraid to go in. So after some pursuading by Jesse, I still wouldn't go in. So, he tried to catch the little beast, except that it wasflying so crazy, one moment its on the floor, the next the ceiling, the next the wall... I'm telling you, this thing was nuts! So, Jesse had to go get the lunch stuff for me and bring it outside the kitchen... and that is where I made his lunch, at the table just at the outskirts of the kitchen.

This is from SimpleLifePortraits, they did such an amazing job! You can see some more at their website, if you go to their blog page. (

we actually had a Saturday free, so we made breakfast, went for a walk, bought bookshelves, categorized our books, and then went and watched the Phillies game at Joe and Barb's (Jesse's parents).

 mmm.... yummy :) waffles, sausage, coffee and orange juice... what more could you ask for?

this is a picture I took on our walk... I kinda love it.

and these are the roses, that my husband brought home to me for our one month anniversary of being married :) He is my favorite.

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  1. Oh Heather...YOU are my favorite. lol...How can my daughter be afraid of a moth?? Have I taught you nothing?? Ha ha...I'm going to have to give you some kickboxing lessons. Then you can round house the moth right out of the kitchen! Your pictures are beautiful. You are beautiful. The stories you tell are magical.
    I love you.
    (there is a writer in you...just saying)