The Country of Marriage

I give you what is unbounded, passing from dark to dark,
containing darkness: a night of rain, an early morning.
I give you the life I have let live for the love of you:
a clump of orange-blooming weeds beside the road,
the young orchard waiting in the snow, our own life
that we have planted in the ground, as I have planted mine in you. I give you my love...

Wendell Berry

Monday, June 13, 2011

Horror of horrors...

I have a little phobia... of moths. When a bunch of little tiny moths invaded my apartment, I was not the happiest, but they are moths, whats the worst that could happen? My first clue that these were not the run of the mill moths was when they were not flocking to lights like normal moths. That's weird. Puzzling. Something is wrong. So, eventually, I thought they will just go away, they are little moths, easily ignored. Well. They kept to themselves and made babies. Lots of little white worms crawling on the ceilings. Now I am worried. Grossed out, I feel sick to my stomach. I research these little worms and moths. Come to find out, they are meal moths. Which means, they feed on dry goods. Now, fact number 2 about me- I love to bake. So now, I have these frightful moths eating my hobby. I hate these buggers. They are eating my flour, marshmallows, white baking chocolate, etc. They have wrecked my pantry. This is a nightmare. Thankfully Jesse rescued me when he saw how distraught I was. I think I would have lost my stomach otherwise.

Friday, May 27, 2011

our little foodie hobby...

Jesse and I have developed a hobby, how fun is that? To be perfectly honest, I think that this little hobby hasn't just developed for me, I have loved making food for a long time, and everything that goes with it!

Recently, we have made a few things that I LOVE and wanted to share.

1. Affogato-
            This is some scoops of ice cream - supposed to be gelato, but any kind will do ( I recommend chocolate or vanilla). Scoop that ice cream into a bowl, and pour a shot or two of hot hot espresso over it. (Strong coffee works too!) Amazing... if you love coffee and sweets, this is for you.  (PS- not my picture)

2. Lemon Poppyseed Cake with Blueberry Compote
           This dessert TASTES like summer. Its amazing. If it is a really hot day, this is the perfect dessert. Make a lemon poppyseed cake... I imagine any lemon poppyseed muffin recipe would do, I can post the one I used sometime if you want. I made it in a 8 inch cake round. When done, pop it out of the pan and put it on something. I put mine on a cake stand with powered sugar on top of it. Then you make the blueberry compote... name is a bit misleading, it involves other fruit as well. The compote is half a cup of sugar, two teaspoons lemon juice and... I think half a cup of water. Boil that little combination and then, when all of the sugar is disolved, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Add 2 1/2 cups blueberries, 1 cup quartered strawberries, 2 large nectarines cut into slivers. Stir it all up, put in a bowl and chill it. Serve cake in slices with 1/4 cup of the compote. Tasty tasty tasty.

That's all for now, I just love those so much I had to share them!

Monday, April 11, 2011


So, you may or may not know that Jesse and I have a new job. We are now working as Relief Teaching Parents for Christ's Home for Children. This means, that Monday morning through Wednesday evening, we are parenting 7 children. These children are placed at Christ's Home for many different reasons, its like foster care. Because of the way that Christ's Home is set up (houses that house children, with 2 couples working at each house) we are able to house sibling groups who might be too large to be placed in foster care, and would otherwise need to be split up.

As you might imagine, this is a HUGE adjustment for us. We are so thankful that the other couple we work with ar really great. They have been so encouraging to us as we learn the ropes, and they really challenge us to grow in our walk with God. We would really appreciate your prayers, for us, the couple we work with, and all of the kids that we are interacting with. So, this is the news, we are working a crazy job, which we are continually realizing how much we need to rely on God.

Oh, we also now have internet, so hopefully I will get better at posting more often!